Beach Day Beauty Tips for Every Girl

We all love a good beach day, but what we often don't realize is the impact of the sun and salt on our body, skin, hair and overall beauty. So, we put together a list of tips we like to follow during every beach day to ensure we come home glowing. 

1. Drink up 

Being in the sun all day is extremely dehydrating, so it is important to have a constant flow of water at the beach. Bring a reusable water bottle and keep filling it up as the day goes on. During beach days we suggest drinking at least two extra glasses of water to make up for the day in the sun. 


2. Sunscreen 

Yes, we know, this has been repeated by dermatologists for years, but sunscreen might be the most important thing you can do for your beauty at the beach. We suggest finding a mineral sunscreen, as these are typically reef safe and won't harm the ocean. 


3. Bring a hair mask 

After a long day of being in salt water and sun, your hair can feel coarse and dried out. We like to end our day with a good hair mask to bring back the natural shine of our hair. A super simple, eco friendly option is using coconut oil on your ends!


4. Coconut Oil 

As mentioned earlier, coconut oil can be great for the tips of your hair, but is also a perfect product for your entire body after a beach day. After you come home and shower, run coconut oil over your entire body, even your face to keep a lasting tan and rehydrate your skin.