Interview: Lauren Grove

Meet Model Lauren Grove

We spoke to #taggedteam model, Lauren Grove about a few of her favorite memories while working on our latest campaign: Under The Sun.

Lauren Interview

Interview Lauren Question 1 Lauren BreakfastIf you could choose one suit which is your favorite and why?

"My favorite suit is the Ixtapa. I love how classic the triangle-shaped top is (and it’s also super supportive and flattering), and how you can adjust the size of the bottoms!"


Where is one place in the world you would like to live and why?

"I would love to live in Florence, Italy. You can enjoy the city while also taking a trip to a stunning sandy beach (not to mention amazing Italian food)."

Lauren Question 6

What are three things that must be in your beach bag?

"Three things I must have in my beach bag are a good mystery book, mango-scented Coola sunscreen, and a box of fresh strawberries!"

When you think of TAGGED SWIM what comes to mind?

"Aperol Spritz, colorful umbrellas, crystal-clear water: when I think of Tagged Swim, I think of warm beach days on the Italian coast."