Tanning Products Every Girl Should Know About

Lux Unfiltered 

Lux Unfiltered is a tanning product by influencer, Sivan Ayla. The color of the tan is what we all aim to have, giving us a very natural glow. However, our favorite part about this Lux tanner is the scent. Unlink many other tanners, this one smells like roses and leaves you feeling clean and moisturized. 

Isle of Paradise 

Isle of Paradise has received significant attention over the last year by influencers, giving them an overnight beachy tan. We love this product due to their facial tanning drops and body drops. A perfect option to get tan fast right before a trip.

Bondi Sands

Bondi Sands is an Australian tanning line that has a large array of products from sprays to foams. Most of the formulas are enriched with aloe vera and coconut, to give you the perfect, even tan.