A Guide to Budgeting for Your Next Trip

We get it, travel can be extremely expensive. However, there are some great hacks we have learned that can help make budgeting and saving for your next getaway that much easier. 

1. Don't rely on hotels alone

Check prices for Airbnb or HomeAway. Make sure to book early for hotels as well, as this will help lower the price point. Unlike flights, hotels do not get cheaper as you get closer to the date of your trip. So book early! 

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2. Pick a location with a good currency conversion

This might seem like an odd one, but different countries can have very different conversion rates. The Peso for example has a great conversion, whereas the Frank has a much worse conversion and will, in return, make the cost while in destination much higher. 


3. Use apps to help you save

Apps are a great way to budget for a trip. Qapital is a banking app that allows you to set a savings goal and start saving money every time you use your credit or debit card. For example, you can have the app round up every coffee you buy at Starbucks so you save $.50 per cup. After a few months, these cents add up and can help pay for your trip.


4. Monundo 

 Track flights and compare rates based on dates! Flights are the most expensive part of travel, so the lower you can get these rates the better. Monundo is a great resource for comparing and tracking these flights.


5. Bring snacks for transit 

Airport food can add up. A sandwich at an airport might cost $15, whereas in the local market it only costs $2. So, we always suggest bringing a snack, a portable water bottle and any other munchies you may need while traveling. This will help lower your overall costs while in transit.

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